Block library addition
+15 new fancy blocks for your projects.
Pop-up blocks
Important thing: all pop-up blocks can appear by click, in time or while scrolling now.
Pop-up gallery of pictures. Category: Gallery.
Pop-up video: YouTube or Vimeo. Category: Video.
Pop-up form with several fields. Category: Form and button.
Facebook Social Plug-in. Category: Form and Button.
Two new blocks in Video Category
Video player with a picture on a cover.
Video player and a picture in two columns.
Footer with four columns
Two new blocks in Divider Category
The block that change a background color for all blocks bellow.
'Three points' Divider
Pictures Gallery with text and button in the second column
Category: Columns
Text with a line
Category: Impact Phrase.
Four new blocks in Text category
Code example.
Note on the background.
Text and a number in a circle.
Q&A format.
And we're not about to stop :)
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